K-12 Science

Start Your
Thinking Journey

Our K-12 science curriculum is designed to guide children on a science journey filled with creativity and intellectual fun.

Course Highlights:

Thinking Inspiration: Through tailor-made courses, stimulate each student’s mathematical thinking and cultivate their logical ability and creative thinking.

Science and Art: The curriculum focuses on integrating science and art, allowing children to discover the beauty of science in the process of solving problems.

Practical Application: We apply science to real-world problems, developing children’s ability to transform abstract concepts into practical solutions.

Innovative Teaching: Use innovative teaching methods such as games, experiments, and interactive projects to make science learning fun.

Comprehensive Knowledge: Course content covers a wide range of science areas to help children build a solid foundation in mathematics.

Teamwork: Develop children’s teamwork and communication skills in group work and competitions.

Experienced Teachers: Our teachers are experienced and will provide professional guidance and support to the children.

Our K-12 science curriculum is not only about scientific learning, but also about inspiring thinking and logic, adding color to children’s future studies and lives.

Stage 1: Interest Guidance

Introduce preliminary logic and basic scientific concepts through game mode. Combined with exciting stories and small experiments, the course content is explained.

Stage 2: Logical thinking

Improve children’s logical theoretical system and establish a solid learning foundation through practice.

Stage 3: Draw inferences from one example

Through fun exercises, explanations, reflections and the expansion of principles, children are encouraged to master the knowledge points. Improve children’s critical thinking.

Enrollment Target: For children in grades K-12

Teaching Purpose: Children learn basic mathematics, physics and chemistry and other basic knowledge through classroom game mode, and promote children’s integration of knowledge through fun exercises and explanations.

Course Highlights:

Cultivate and improve children’s logical cognition and logical thinking

Cultivate and enhance children’s critical thinking and ability to draw inferences from one example to another

Fun teaching in small classes

Experienced professional teachers with UBC PhD degree