K-12 English courses are designed to provide students with a comprehensive and fun learning experience. We focus on developing language proficiency, critical thinking and effective communication skills, creating an immersive and dynamic learning environment. It also empowers students with the language skills and cognitive abilities to thrive in an increasingly connected and diverse world.

Course Highlights:

Personalized Teaching: We provide tailor-made courses based on each student’s age and learning level to ensure a personalized learning path.

Language Fluency: Through interactive classes and hands-on activities, students will develop fluency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Cultural Integration: Our courses integrate language and culture to lead students into the diverse charms of the English-speaking world.

Creative Learning: We use innovative teaching methods such as role-playing, games and projects to make learning English lively and fun.

Interdisciplinary: Courses cover a wide range of topics, promoting connections between disciplines and developing students’ integrated knowledge.

Interactive Experience: Students will practice their communication and cooperation skills in an active and interactive learning environment.

Experienced Teachers: Our teachers have rich teaching experience and will provide guidance and support to students during the learning process.

Language awareness and imitation

Stage one

Be familiar with the language and understand common vocabulary and sentence patterns. Build a language environment through a large number of understandable, real and meaningful scene inputs

Phonics and language sense

Stage two

Learn the rules of natural spelling, improve the speed of spelling decoding, and improve the fluency and accuracy of reading and listening.

Dare to express and accumulate

Stage three

Be accustomed to thinking in English, answer questions in complete sentences, express questions on your own, and have the ability to understand through extensive reading and vocabulary accumulation

Enrollment Target: For children in grades K-12

Teaching Purpose: Through three stages: language awareness and imitation; natural phonics and language sense; expression and accumulation of sequential cultivation, build children’s English thinking and language sense, so that children can confidently speak English in an all-English environment and become future leaders. Language master.

Course Highlights:

Use lively and interesting stories, songs, games and other forms to stimulate children’s interest in learning English.

Encourage children to express themselves and make up stories in English in class, while cultivating English and creativity

Pay attention to the cultivation and strengthening of English phonetics and language sense

Experienced and professional English training teachers