Inspire Intelligence Center

Inspire Intelligence is an educational method designed to promote the development of children’s intelligence and learning abilities. Its aim is to help children develop their full potential and talents by providing a challenging and stimulating learning environment.

The philosophy of Inspire Intelligence is that every child has a unique learning style and potential, and education should be personalized and adjusted according to the individual differences of each child. It focuses on cultivating children’s creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and social and cooperative skills. Teachers are mentors and encourage students to explore and discover knowledge actively. The teaching focus is on cultivating students’ interest and motivation in learning and cultivating students’ learning initiative and independent learning ability through methods such as project learning, cooperative learning and inquiry learning.

Inspire Intelligence emphasizes individual differences and diverse learning styles. It promotes different learning styles, teaching materials and assessment methods to meet the different needs and learning styles of students. This personalized education approach helps stimulate students’ learning potential and improve their academic performance and self-confidence. Secondly, it also emphasizes cultivating students’ creativity and innovation ability. It advocates providing students with creative learning opportunities that encourage them to ask questions, try new solutions, and develop their critical thinking and analytical skills.

Inspire Intelligence is an educational method that focuses on personalization, creativity and diversity, aiming to help children develop their intelligence and learning abilities in an all-round way. Its goal is to develop students with creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills so that they can become capable participants and leaders in future society.

Creative Art

Comprehensive materials, multiple categories, guide children to create on their own


Cultivate logical and critical thinking and master scientific expertise through interest guidance


Develop a sense of language and English thinking

Programming Robots

Learn basic programming knowledge and the basic operations of graphical programming