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Inspire Intelligence follows the educational philosophy of personalization, creativity and diversity, aiming to help children develop their intelligence and learning abilities in an all-round way. Our goal is to help children aged 5-16 fully develop their potential and talents and enter the door to prestigious schools by providing a challenging and stimulating learning environment.

Inspire Intelligence Center, a subsidiary of Global Education Group, perfectly integrates STEM+Arts to launch a STEAM education model, launching courses such as creative art, programming robots, and science and technology. The STEAM curriculum system we have launched is highly suitable for children of this age (5-16 years old). We launch personalized small class teaching based on the individual differences of children to activate and strengthen students’ creativity, abstract thinking, logical thinking, social and cooperation skills.

Creative Art

Comprehensive materials, multiple categories, guide children to create on their own


Cultivate logical and critical thinking and master scientific expertise through interest guidance


Develop a sense of language and English thinking

Programming Robots

Learn basic programming knowledge and the basic operations of graphical programming

Our Services


Inspire Intelligence Center

Focus on individuality, creativity and diversity, and cultivate students with creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, so that they can become capable participants and leaders in future society. It has many sections such as art, English, and STEM.


English Test Training

Canada’s authoritative language training institution, the official designated test center for IELTS, the official certified school of Languages Canada, the official partner of CELPIP, and the official partner of the Canadian Academic English Proficiency Test.


University Planning Application

With the goal of entering the world’s top schools, our expert team will track the entire process and maintain cooperation and interaction with a series of top schools to help students successfully obtain admission notices from American Ivy League schools.

About Us


Global Education Group Inc

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Founded in 1999, Global Education Group Inc. is a large-scale and comprehensive educational institution registered in Canada. The school’s headquarters is located in Toronto, with another two branches in Vancouver and Winnipeg respectively. Global Education Group, one of the largest education groups across Canada, owns three departments: Global Education Language Institute, Global Education Academy and Inspire Intelligence Center. The Global Education Language Institute, comprising three language training schools, is certified by Languages Canada and accredited as an IELTS examination venue.